Corporate Social Responsibility

DL-tek recruits talent in a fair and open way, considering an applicant according to his or her qualifications without prejudice in regards to race, religion, gender, age, nationality, or political affiliation. We also provide a wide variety of job opportunities for disabled persons. In addition, DL-tek conducts thorough workplace hazard assessments to provide a comfortable and safe workplace to our employees.

Compensation and Rewarding

DL-tek provides competitive compensation packages to attract and retain the best talent. Market research shows that employees at DL-tek enjoy far superior benefits and compensation than the industry average. Employee salaries are reliant solely on individual performance to encourage our employees to further innovate and hone their skills.

Compensations and benefits include base salary, cash bonus, and profit sharing. These are based on individual expertise, job responsibility, performance, commitment, and the operational achievements of the company as a whole.

Insurance and Pension Plans

In addition to the Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance required by law, DL-tek also offers group insurance and accident insurance to provide our employees and their loved ones with a complete and comprehensive protection plan in the event of any incident.


DL-tek’s employee pension plan is set according to the Taiwan Labor Standards Act and Labor Pension Act. Employees can expect consistent pension payments in order to provide a secure and comfortable life after retirement.

Gender Equality and Sexual Harassment Prevention

To foster a fair work environment for employees of any gender, DL-tek sets and promotes policies and measures to ensure gender equity and sexual harassment prevention in accordance with employment laws. Our employees can apply for flexible leaves of absence such as childcare.

Welfare Benefits

Interactive Channels with Employees

We offer multiple well-structured interactive channels for our employees to communicate with the company as a whole and implement labor-management meetings to foster a friendly and accessible labor relation. The company has had an excellent relationship with its employees in the past and hopes to maintain this reputation in the future.


Employees can communicate with management through many avenues, including departmental meetings, opinion boxes, and employee counseling services to further ensure the mental and physical health of our employees. To maintain a transparent and accessible atmosphere between employees and management, employees can contact the company at with any suggestions or complaints.

Employee Welfare Committee

The company established the Employee Welfare Committee to provide a platform for employees who have similar interests to form or attend clubs. Through this channel, our employees can cultivate interests and relationships in and out of the workplace. DL-tek has assisted in the formation of clubs such as sports and meditation clubs, among others. Additionally, DL-tek is committed to assisting those who have fallen victim to natural disasters: the company has given generously to employees caught in natural disasters as well as to disaster relief charities in the past and will continue to do so in the future.