Memory Card

DL-tek produces SD and micro SD flash memory cards. Our advanced production methods allow chips to be stacked vertically or side by side, along with integrated surface-mounted passive components in accordance with modern system in package (SiP) standards. Additionally, DL-tek provides multi-stack NAND Flash products featuring high storage capacity and rapid access times.

In 2013, DL-tek developed Near Field Communication (NFC) micro SD cards, which enable mobile payment functions within modern smartphones.




 Air ±8kV 10 times、Contact : ±2kV / ±4kV  25 times
• Temp./Humidity Test 
 40ºC/ 93%RH @ 500hours
• High Temp. Storage
 85ºC @500hours
• Low Temp. Storage
 -40ºC @ 168hours
• Temp. Cycle Test
 -25ºC~ 85ºC @ 100Cycles,0.5 h/cycle
• Salt Water Spray Teat
 3% NaCl @35ºC 24hours
 10,000 times
•Drop shock
 1.5m height ,6faces
•Bending test
 10N force apply on the 60 sec
•Twist test
 0.1N-m Torque (or 2.5degee twist) 3 times