COB type USB Flash Device

A Chip on Board (COB) USB flash drive is a data storage device that includes flash memory, a controller device, and additional passive components in a single package with a USB interface. Thus, it combines PCB assembly and semiconductor packaging processes. All passive components and chips are completely protected in a molded epoxy compound. DL-tek began mass-production of USB3.0 flash device in 2012. We provide a comprehensive and complete range of solutions for UFD devices including packaging, testing, housing, blister packing, and drop shipping services.




 Air ±8kV 10 times、Contact : ±2kV / ±4kV  25 times
• Temp./Humidity Test 
 40ºC/ 93%RH @ 24hours
• High Temp. Storage
 85ºC @24hours
• Low Temp. Storage
 -40ºC @ 24hours
• Temp. Cycle Test
 0ºC~ 70ºC @ 10Cycles,0.5 h/cycle
• Salt Water Spray Teat
 3% NaCl @35ºC 24hours
 10,000 times
•Drop shock
 1.5m height ,6faces
•Bending test
 10N force apply on the 60 sec
•Twist test
 0.1N-m Torque (or 2.5degee twist) 3 times