eMMC 、eMCP and MCP

Multi-Chip Packaging (MCP) combines LPDDR die-stacking and NAND flash memory a single package. DL-tek provides a broad ion of embedded memory packaging and testing technologies on a single printed circuit board. These technologies include eMMC packaging ( controller device + NAND flash) and eMCP packaging ( controller device + NAND flash + LPDDR memory). DL-tek offers a wide range of memory configurations, the majority of which involve multiple dies. MCP memory modules in the system streamlines the development process and allows products to be shipped much faster.





• Lead free 
 Convention 260℃
• Pre-conditioning 
 Level 3 : 30℃、60%RH、192 hours
• Temperature cycling
 -65~150℃、1000 cycles
• Temperature and humidity
 85℃、85%RH、1000 hours
• High temperature storage test
 150℃、1000 hours
• Highly-accelerated stress test
 130℃、85%RH 168 hours