A Ball Grid Array (BGA) is a popular type of surface mount chip package that utilizes a grid of solder balls as connectors. Available in plastic BT substrate, BGA’s are noted for their compact size, high lead count, and low inductance. This in turn allows lower voltages to be employed. DL-tek offers superior electrical and thermal performance, higher interconnect density, and excellent surface mount yields for Ball Grid Array packages. DL-tek has qualified all BGA packaging in lead-free configuration.

A Land Grid Array (LGA) can be electrically connected to a printed circuit board (PCB). It is thinner than the standard BGA package design and features high electrical performance as well as thin packaging specifications. LGA’s are ideally suited for RF wireless module packages.

DL-tek provides the following BGA packaging

● 1.3x1.3mm2 to 25x25mm2 package sizes
● 0.65mm minimum thickness for BGA
● 0.35mm minimum thickness for LGA w/o passive
● 6 to 500 ball counts
● 0.3 to 1.05mm ball pitch available
● Laminated BT substrate 2~8 layers
● Pb free and green package available
● Optimum traces for excellent electrical performance



• Lead free 
 Convention 260℃
• Pre-conditioning 
 Level 3 : 30℃、60%RH、192 hours
• Temperature cycling
 -65~150℃、1000 cycles
• Temperature and humidity
 85℃、85%RH、1000 hours
• High temperature storage test
 150℃、1000 hours
• Highly-accelerated stress test
 130℃、85%RH 168 hours