Corporate welfare

We regard every employee as a prime asset. We believe that when you are part of our team that makes you a stakeholder in our company and our future.

DL-tek creates a work environment that ensures that every employee is in a position to contribute to the overall success of the company.

Compensation & Benefits

We offer a variety of competitive compensation programs to motivate employees. We are committed to pay-for-performance incentive programs that reward our employees for being valuable assets to the company.

Incentive Compensation

• 2-month Bonus (including Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Year-end bonus), extra bonus according to the company operating conditions and individual performance appraisals
• Gift vouchers for three major festivals and birthday gift voucher
• Provide labor insurance, health insurance, and complimentary group coverage (including spouses and children)
• Commend and reward senior staff

Quality Environment

• Multiple cafeterias offering diverse dining options as well as a café and a 24hr convenience store.

• Living accommodations for up to three months provided for employees who reside outside of the county.

Mental and Physical Balance

• Department fellowship dinner, year-end dinner party, and Family Fun Day

• Annual fixed travel allowance

• Complimentary professional visually impaired massages


• Annual paid leave, time off with compensation

• Paternity leave, maternity leave, child-care hours, family care leave, etc.

Caring Assistance

• Physicians stationed in company to provide employees with regular and special health check-ups.

• Subsidy for marriages as well as funerals, hospitalization and emergency relief payments.

• Lactation room to support breastfeeding mothers in the workplace