Cultivating talents

Cultivating talents

DL-tek in addition to providing a comfortable working environment and comprehensive employee welfare measures, we also encourage employees to continuously hone the skills, seek leadership roles, and come up with new, innovative ideas for products and processes.


Training and Development

• In this rapidly changing business environment, DL-tek is continuously training our employees to work with state of the art technologies as they become available in order to maintain the competitiveness of our company.

• We provide employees an environment to learn and grow. Employees will grow with the company via the comprehensive training system, diversified training models, e-Learning platform, and learning courses.


Training System

• Training hierarchy compulsory to all levels of management training.

• Management functions training elective to all levels of management training.

• New employee training to integrate newly hired employees with the company’s vision and work environment.

• Specialized training for a particular machine and thematic training in order to adapt to company policy or annual target.

• Off-the-job training due to current business demands. Department heads may assign individuals to participate in off-job training in accordance with annual budget.

• On-the-job training or instruction at any time while on duty.